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Thank you for taking the time to check out and admire our Bulldogs.


We are located on 3+ fully fenced acres,

in Sturgeon County, only 10 minutes north of Edmonton, Alberta. 


We have over 32 years of experience breeding dogs

and have been breeding Bulldogs for over 22 of those years.


With all kinds of help from our vets and good friends, we strive to improve the already compromised health of the Bulldog breed, keeping conformation in mind but not risking health to achieve a certain "look" .

We strive to produce friendly, and structurally sound Bulldogs with outstanding health and temperaments. 

We do not have Bulldogs with health problems in our breeding program.  

If a serious genetic problem ever does arise,

the Bulldog is spayed or neutered and placed in a companion home.


Our goal is to produce quality Bulldogs, not only in the standard colors but also in some of the rare colors.


All our puppies are raised in home. We have an indoor agility playground for our puppies that has both a heating and cooling system to accommodate cold winter days and hot summer days. We also have secure outdoor playgrounds for our puppies to enjoy on nice summer days.


 We prefer to sell our Bullies to companion homes, but do occasionally sell to small ethical breeders.


If you have any questions about our family of Bulldogs, available puppies or up coming litters , please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email.



Enjoy your visit and please come back often to view updated pictures of our Bullies!







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