English Bulldog Males



"Red Baron" is our

CKC Reg'd  

British Bulldog. He is a great looking Bully with Stocky body and big head with lots of wrinkles. He  enjoys great breathing and great health.

A "Special Thank you

to Raina for

entrusting us with

this little darling:) 

"Red Baron"


"Soda'Pop" is our newest addition. He is a stunning Black Merle Seal boy who carries Chocolate. He is short, stocky and has lots of gorgeous rolls and wrinkles.

He is a handsome laid back, well tempered  boy who loves everyone and is

loved by all.

A Special Thank you to

Raina for entrusting us with another sweet boy :)



“The Duke"



Meet our "Duke"

He is a CKC Registered 

British Bulldog,

Fawn and white color.

Duke is a stunning, solid boy with

lots of  rolls and wrinkles.

He enjoys optimal health

and great breathing.

A "Special Thank you to Raina

for entrusting us with

this sweetheart :) 


"The Moose"

"Moose" is our "home-bred" 

CKC Reg'd  

Black and Tan English Bulldog. 

He comes from our healthy, hardy lines of great looking Bulldogs.

 French Bulldog Males


"Obie" is our handsome

Blue /Tan Frenchie with a zest for life true to the "french background".  He enjoys great health and has the looks to go with it.  He has a well muscled body boasting a big head with squishy face.

A Special "Thank-you"

to Kaylen for entrusting us with this little cuddler. 


"Barri" is our Stunning 

Gorgeous, Double Factored,

Silver Blue/Brindle who carries chocolate which means that he can produce blues, chocolates and lilacs with the right female.

He has the sweetest personality and temperament along with an expressive, flat face with lots of wrinkles and a well structured body.

A Special "Thank-you"

to Kim & Cam for entrusting us with this baby boy. 



Jaxon is a healthy handsome addition to our Bully family. He is a short stocky boy with a big head boasting a flatter face.

A Special thanks to Jacqueline for this little treasure!