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  Before we can consider your home for one of our Baby Bullies, We ask that you fill out and return our Puppy Placement Questionnaire.


  This questionnaire is intended to help me get to know you, so that I can find the right homes for my pups and

the right pup for your home.

It is not the Sales Contract but it is however a legal binding of truth (signed by you) in which I will use to see if I have what you are looking for in a Bulldog.

  All information submitted is confidential and will only be used by NorLight's Bulldogs.


  Our puppies are priced after birth and according to confirmation, color and quality. Prices Start at, 

$4,500.00+Gst for some Standard Colors.

Colors such as Blue, Chocolate, Black and Merle are more.


  E-mail us to request the Puppy Placement Questionnaire.

See Contact Page.



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